Nobilium®️Thermalpanel natural insulation panel with a thickness of 9mm 

Low thickness insulation solution for renovations, consisting of a long fiber of pure basalt worked in thin veils stitched together with the same basalt fiber thread, natural, incombustible, breathable and without the use of mechanical tessellation (anchors) for laying, suitable both for applications outside and inside buildings and / or floor, roof, ceiling 


Areas of use:

Renovating buildings has become a key priority, but careful analysis is needed to identify the best technical solutions to reduce thermal losses and improve the healthiness of the  indoor environment.

It can be operated in two ways: application of the outer insulation (technically recommended when possible) or insulation from the inside (when unable to perform an external insulation).

The effects of these applications are the reduction of energy expenditure, sound insulation and the optimization of environmental conditions, solving the problem of mold formation on the perimeter walls bordering the external environment and also allowing "historic" buildings to integrate this natural solution without changing its aesthetics in an impactful way, but integrating perfectly with it. This technical solution allows, for example, a stone wall with a thickness of 50cm (with thermal conductivity of the stone wall of 2.3 W / mK) and with only 9mm of Nobilium®️Thermalpanel, to reduce heat loss through it by about 40%. 


Historic and/or constrained buildings:

Finally today there is an insulating product that goes well with the needs required in case of interventions on some historic and / or constrained buildings that goes well and integrates with them in a natural and non-invasive way, the particularities of the product in pure basalt Nobilium®️Thermalpanel allow it to become one with the existing masonry, integrating with it and protecting it from degradation and also reducing heat loss without changing its hygrometric balance. Particularly important is that these applications have a reversible laying cycle; that if specially designed together with the manufacturer of the adhesive / smoothing systems the Nobilium®️Thermalpanel basalt panel can be laid using the same materials that are used for restoration. 

One of the peculiarities of the panel in pure basalt veils Nobilium®️Thermalpanel is that it becomes a single body with the products used for shaving and gluing that thanks to the high mechanical cohesion of the long fibers used, has tear resistance values from 3 to 5 times higher than those obtainable from the classic rock wool panels, which, as they consist of short fibers cohesive with each other only with resins, yield to tearing with much lower forces, as there is a "separation" between the shaving and the panel. While shaving on the panel

Nobilium®️Thermalpanel is so tenacious and compatible with it that there is never a separation between the shaving and the panel, but there is the breakage of the panel within its thickness. The basalt of which the Nobilium panel is composed®️Thermalpanel behaves like a new inert inserted between the two glue / smoothing cycles and therefore is perfectly incorporated by them. 


Uses for Italy Bonus 110%:

For applications with a 110% bonus, the Nobilium®️Thermalpanel product is used for the reduction of thermal bridges, even in the window soffits / openings to the outside in combination with the "classic" external insulation, as the small space required for installation allows an easy and fast integration with existing windows 

The panel can also be used in full external façade for those buildings that by law can go in derogation from the minimum requirements of thermal transmittance required for energy requalification. 

The Nobilium®️Thermalpanel panel is CE marked, complies with cam requirements and has been evaluated and certified in all its value only by the laboratory founded by ENEA and CNR of Faenza (CERTIMAC)


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