Rapid fold-up doors F30
manual-repair & anti-damage
Rapid fold-up door with antidamage system suitable for industrial buildings.

Application: inside/inside, inside/outside
Pillars and crossbeam: in press-bending plate in galvanised steel, RAL or stainless steel on demand
Curtain: self-extinguishing PVC class II, anti UV and anti mould, stiffened by tubes
Anti-raising: system composed by two security photocells that block the door in case the raising belts accidentally hook one person or one object. Norm UNI EN 13241-1
Manual-repair: the flexible rails avoid tubes damages allowing a manual curtain reinsertion in case of coming out
Anti-damage: the flexible rails avoid permanent damages to the structure
Windows: windows or visibility stripes
Optional: slatted curtain, sound-absorbing curtain, semi-automatic counterweight

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