Pure epoxy bi-component chemical anchor without styrene.

Product in 3:1 rario, available in 385 ml and 585 ml cartridges.

ETA (European Technical Assessment) qualified product for anchoring in concrete in accordance with EAD 330499-01-0601 and EAD 330087-01-0601 in accordance with the Construction Products Regulation 305/2011.

Service Life of 100 years compared to the standard value of 50 years. Ideal for big works and infrastructure.

C2 seismic qualification for diameters from M12 to M24. Ideal for structural reinforcement and seismic strengthening.

Maximum adhesion performance in non-cracked concrete optimized to achieve high design strength values on the steel side and concrete side.

Seismic qualification for post-installed rebar connections for all levels of seismicity for diameters from 12 mm to 32 mm.

Static and quasi-static qualification for threaded bars from M8 to M30 and for rebar from 8 to 32 mm.

Qualified for both drill and diamond core drilling holes.

Qualified installation with hollow drill bit in order to reduce exposure to dust and increase productivity by reducing cleaning times.

Fire resistance performance for post-installed rebar connections up to a maximum of R240.

Reduced edge distances and spacing to allow even the most difficult installations.

Maximum anchoring depth up to twenty times the nominal diameter of the threaded rod.

Embedding depth for post-installed rebar connections up to 2500 mm of perforation.

Increased fluidity to allow installation in deep holes and in low temperature situations.

Thixotropic product, qualified overhead application. It does not pour.

Qualified performance for both dry and wet concrete and flooded hole.

The hardening reaction of the product also takes place in the presence of water.

Certified operating temperature are in the ranges: -40 ° C / + 40 ° C (long-term max T ° = 24 ° C),

-40 ° C / + 55 ° C (long-term max T ° = 43 ° C) and -40 ° C / + 80 ° C (long-term max T ° = 50 ° C).

Reduced tightening times to increase productivity on site. 24 months of expiry.

Application also possible in conditions of concrete temperature from 0 to 40 ° C.

Post-installed rebar connections allowed without increasing the setting depth in both cracked and non-cracked concrete.

The product, due to its high adhesion value and the ease of penetration into porosities and hollow areas, allows a secure fixing without expansion and therefore without tension in the base material during installation.

The resin and hardener are mixed only during extrusion by passing the product through the special mixer. It does not require premixing.

It can also be used as a repair and filling compound.

Also suitable for fixing in solid masonry and wood and for consolidation work.

Environmental qualifications related to the emission of VOC LEED GOLD.

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