Active rostrum for fire-resistant closures designed to eliminate the deformation of the point where it is installed, between door and frame, door and door, door and support.

One of the most difficult problems to solve in fire resistant doors subjected to a fire or a test is deformation: the door suddenly bends and detaches from the frame, allowing the flames to pass.

Problem solved with CHEMOLLI FIREBOLT A2.0.

This device is installed on fire resistant doors: it is activated only in the event of a strong fire, preventing the door from deforming as well as the passage of people in an environment where life would now be compromised. CHEMOLLI FIREBOLT A2.0 allows to overcome the current design limits of the technique: with it, larger, thinner doors can be made, which in any case withstand the demanding fire tests to be carried out in authorized laboratories.

The new 2.0 version is equipped with a new spring, resistant to high temperatures (at least 550 ° C), new fuse with activation between 110 ° and 150 ° C, tamper-proof assembly, new more tapered pin for certainty of engagement, programmed deformability of the extended pin to still allow the main forces to be discharged, new bright nickel-plated finish or at customer's choice and UL listing.

Active bolt for fire resistance doors is projected to eliminate the deformation where it is positioned, between door leaf and fixed frame, doors leaf and door leaf, door leaf and support . Cylindrical nickel-plated metal body in one piece machined from billet, dimensions 14×42 mm, fixing flange 25x3mm. The weight of the complete device with the striker plate: 51 grams. Thermofusible element with ignition temperature of 150° C.

Chemolli Firebolt A2.0


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