Climax Italy produces the new system of vertical gardens sustainable and innovative for the coating of high-performance buildings, made according to the most modern technologies.

The CLIMAX® system is designed to provide the façade cladding market with a solution that combines the elegance and flexibility of Made in Italy with high performance, such as:
• greater operational and environmental sustainability;
• better thermal and acoustic insulation;
• excellent water-tight performance;
• extension of construction dimensions in width and height;
• together with an elegant design, typical of the buildings made in Italy.

Coating with a vertical garden high energy efficiency, in step with the needs of the market and able to meet the most demanding standards in the case of efficient interventions of existing buildings, is now possible. Reverse course and at the same time increase your quality of life now you can. Building with quality systems is the only way to a development without impact on the environment in which we live!

• Design and aesthetic quality
Climax modules have an exclusive design that distinguishes them for resilience, sustainability and quality. Improve aesthetics and health through projects designed to ensure a new psychophysical well-being for the community.

• Innovation and technological development
It is the only module that recreates the same conditions of a natural terrain. The Climax system has been designed in continuous substrate in order to allow the root growth of plants across the column of modules. This ensures water reserve, resistance to stress and lush growth for plants.

• Turnkey service
The Climax team can follow you through all stages of the project: from initial consulting to design, installation and maintenance. All components for the construction of a vertical garden with Climax system are supplied and packed, according to the project specifications, then in quantities and sizes to measure.

• Ease of use
Installers are trained during the courses held each year. All the technical documentation (manual) and commercial (website is provided to allow installers to easily acquire the technical know-how for the realization of vertical gardens with Climax Italy system. The technical team of Climax Italy supports customers for special requests for special constructions, customized ad hoc for every need.

• Maintenance free
The Climax system does not require any maintenance. You can monitor the wall status from the App. A safe system thanks to automated management systems: independently regulates humidity and other vital parameters.

• Sustainability and energy saving
Zero water consumption because it is the only system that purifies black water. Reduces wall and environmental operating costs by eliminating sewage pollution. 
It lowers energy consumption and therefore emissions.

• Iconic
CLIMAX® is a brand synonymous with sustainability, quality, experience and design made in Italy. The desire to create new sustainable systems with low environmental impact reveals the resourcefulness and attention to the future of the planet, with the aim of improving the quality of life and the living comfort of buildings.

• Quality and technical functionality
All performance is better than other coating systems for:
• resilience
• thermal insulation
• sound insulation
• water purification and reuse
• increasing biodiversity

• Production techniques and quality
The product is at the top of the market while maintaining low costs thanks to the mechanization of production facilities.

Climax Italy is synonymous with originality, technology and design.


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