An innovative solution is offered by Termoimbotte , the latest in Coprimuro Srl's fibreglass line of products, to upgrade the inside of the window hole, making it fully insulated.

It is a unique product of its kind: it can be laid on top of the pre-existing wall using thermal-acoustic membranes with very minimal thicknesses (8/10mm), effectively preventing the creation of a thermal bridge and therefore condensation or mould in rooms.

CE-certified and compliant with CAM requirements, Termoimbotte has been subjected to both experimental and site tests in terms of thermal and air permeability: to the customer or designer it offers a performance guarantee tested and certified by the LegnoLegno Technological Laboratory.

The tests were carried out by comparing the thermal situation before and after the installation of Termoimbotte on cladding walls: the performance went from 0.216 W/mK at the side node from the traditional installation to 0.164 W/mK . In the lower node, the thermal bridge value went from 0.324 W/mK to 0.204 W/mK . 

This is just a brief example of the data collected in the study published in the Technical Notebook that can be downloaded here

Termoimbotte : not only technology but also aesthetics in a versatile product that can be used in any building redevelopment project thanks to its neutral and grained colours. 

Thermobrick, upgrading the window opening by eliminating the thermal bridge!

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