TERMOSOGLIA by Coprimuro® is an incredibly versatile and innovative product in the field of building renovation and energy requalification. 
Thanks to the coupling of the acoustic thermal membrane of closed-cell polyurethane foam, a thermal break is created, thus avoiding thermal bridges, making it an exclusive and technically unique product. 
It is used in the building industry as a wall for ventilated facades, thresholds, window sills and building finishes in general.

Certified by the main Certification Bodies (Certimac, Istituto Giordano, SGS) both as CE marking and as a response to CAM requests, it is already present in BIM modelling (downloadable in Revit and Its files). 
Termosoglia has undergone experimental and site tests in terms of thermal and air permeability: to the customer or designer it offers a performance guarantee tested and certified by the LegnoLegno Technological Laboratory.

TERMOSOGLIA by Coprimuro®, is easy to lay and can be applied without having to dismantle the old window sills and meets these characteristics:

- Maximum durability and minimum thickness. 
- Solid, light, easy to install and completely waterproof. 
- Thanks to the combination with a thermo-acoustic membrane, it avoids thermal bridging. 
- Avoids water infiltration on windowsills. 
- Prevents the formation of mould and condensation. 
- Ensures total thermal insulation. 
- Counteracts the action of atmospheric agents.
- Guarantees resistance to cracking and corrosion. 
- No need to dismantle windows or frames. 
- Shields the thermal bridge. 
- Airtightness.

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