The Ecosism® Seismic Coat is an innovative technological solution which, with a combined intervention that maximizes the benefit/cost ratio, allows the seismic safety and energy efficiency of existing buildings according to current regulations.

As the name suggests, the Seismic Coat, applied to the outside of the building to create a new earthquake-resistant "skin", it is made up of a thin slab of reinforced concrete cast on site inside two layers of customizable insulating material. The casting, appropriately sized during the design phase, is made integral with the existing structure through the insertion of appropriate anchors which, arranged at the level of the foundations and floor curbs, guarantee maximum collaboration between the new system and the structure itself.

Thanks to the use of the galvanized steel mesh characteristic of Ecosism®, the system is supplied with the pre-assembled insulation and with all the guides for the correct installation of the structural reinforcements, minimizing construction site operations and waste

 Furthermore, to improve the bending behavior of the slab and reduce the risk of out-of-plane instability, it is possible to provide for the creation of appropriate horizontal and vertical ribs.

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