Piuma® is one of the very latest development projects successfully undertaken by Effezeta's in-house research team. It is a a telescopic spring-loaded flyscreen equipped with an effective and technological winding and an against-the-gust system. In Piuma®, we find the utmost comfort designed for everyone: a product that comes fully equipped, integrating utility, functionality, durability, innovation, and design excellently. In fact, the Piuma® features are:

- An anti-wind system that allows the mesh to move freely and remain extremely secure against wind forces;

- An anti-intrusion system against bedbugs and other insects along the entire perimeter of the flyscreen;

- A Slow system to ensure safe and smooth retraction without sudden jerks when the flyscreen retracts into the box;

- The option to choose between two opening systems: a) Press Up, which facilitates simple and intuitive operation through a light push on the handlebar, making it user-friendly, especially for the elderly and children; b) chain opening, which involves the use of a chain attached to the flyscreen to ensure its descent and ascent.

- A high-visibility, ultralight, and soft mesh.

- Telescopic guides for compensating the out of square in doors or windows with irregular dimensions simplifying installation operations.

The main problem that Piuma® solves is achieving a wind-resistant flyscreen with a smaller installation depth than similar flyscreens already on the market. Thanks to Piuma®, you can have a product that provides excellent wind resistance and can be installed in openings with a minimum installation depth of 50 mm.

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