Balanced gate with multi-spring train for the guarantee of maximum safety both during installation and normal operation and also equipped with safety barriers multi-beam to standard (a radius every 4cm) self-aligning even in the installation of strong difference in height of the columns. 

Patented product and built by ELECTRICAL CENTER also to measure.

Unique solution worldwide suitable for any situation of installation even for the most difficult so far unsolved with traditional products as well as still unique for the simultaneous solution of any aesthetic need from the simplest to the most demanding. 

Alternative technique and convenient compared to traditional production systems.

 Alternative and convenient technique compared to traditional production and laying systems, system suitable for an easy and economical transport also for gate ready to be laid and for the immediate automatic functioning with only network power supply, as well as in possibility of realization for all needs: 

1) For situation in free space with the monoblock system "elcen-blok" without need of any masonry work (only an excavation and a small casting of cement). 

2) In all other situations with existing columns and floor. 

3) Simple solution for the immediate replacement of existing gates. the only product that in addition to all the technical and functional prerogatives in any situation also allows the easy installation with any orographic inclination of the ground and any difference in height between the columns of the gate itself, all without having to alter the environment with ugly, harmful and expensive works of levelling offering important advantage and benefit to the maintenance of environmental harmony in any area including valleys, hills and mountains.

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