Thermo-reflective fabric for sun protection

Global warming has a huge impact on the environment and living beings.

The only 100% sustainable way to protect ourselves is passive cooling. Giovanardi has therefore developed a new thermo-reflective fabric for energy saving

Opatex Cool has a special coating on its surface which allows for greater reflection of the sun's radiant heat. Hence a dark color (even black) can achieve the same performance as a white.

  + Reflection

  - heat absorbed

  - heat transmitted into the environment

We tested the performance of a thermo-reflective covering when applied to a pergola roof to verify the gain in living comfort.

-Pergola 400x300x270cm

-Flat roof: Opatex Standard vs Opatex Cool

-Attached to the wall and on 3 sides only 6mm glass

-Orientation: SOUTH

-Irradiation simulation: Crotone (Calabria) / June

Temperature difference measured between the 2 roofs: -2°C

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