Arteferro System Certified, modular railings, and quick to install

To facilitate and expedite the installation of railings, balconies, and fences, Arteferro, a brand of the Gonzato Group, offers an innovative system that combines the beauty of semi-finished iron products with the convenience of a module that is already prepared and complete with everything needed for its assembly. Available in 24 different models and finishes to provide maximum customization, Arteferro systems are certified according to the strictest regulations and offer total safety of use. Composed of the upright and the infill panel, they feature an innovative and patented connecting clamp that does not require screws. This makes the work of professionals simpler and faster.

Newel post

The structural and certified core of the system is formed by the newel post with load resistance of 1 kN/m and, for railings, 2 kN/m. They are matched with a handrail. These elements, which can be chosen in flat, round, or square versions, represent the load-bearing structure of the system, ensuring its stability.

The Clack Clamp 

A result of our innovative patent, it is the connecting element between the infill panel and the load-bearing structure. It fits all upright models and has been specially designed to facilitate and speed up installation. It does not require screws and can be securely closed with a simple press, permanently locking and ensuring the safety of the joined elements. A special pressure key has been designed to quickly unlock the clamp when needed. This saves time, allowing the work to be done independently, without the assistance of others.

The Infill Panel 

This is the ornamental part of the system. The numerous models and exquisite finishes make it a timeless design product. The geometric lines blend skillfully with the iron, creating an object that bridges the past and the future. Whether classic or modern, Arteferro panels are designed to elegantly fit into any architectural context and can be combined with various types of uprights and handrails, allowing for a unique and coordinated solution for railings, balconies, and fences.

Arteferro is the brand of the Gonzato Group that designs and manufactures both certified innovative systems for railings, fences, and balconies, and semi-finished iron products for assembly, where the ancient art of wrought iron meets the most modern production technology to create a product of the highest quality.

Arteferro System

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