iDecking Revolution, a leading company in the field of innovations on outdoor decking floors, presented in 2020 the brand new DURO 2.0 material combined with the EasyChange international installation patent!

Duro2.0 is the new generation of composite materials for outdoor ... what makes it truly unique is its composition:

Rice Husks: that is, the peel of the rice grain! Material that guarantees the best performance in the wettest environments: lake, sea, rain.
Bamboo: bamboo powder! This is the first novelty that is added to the rice husk to increase the stability of the floor slats
HDPE polymers: for the plastic part, which together with the two natural ingredients makes up a much more stable floor than its predecessor.


But what makes DURO 2.0 a next generation material with very low maintenance is the innovative and patented EasyChange by iDecking Revolution installation system! A system, unique in the world, which can be mounted WITHOUT SCREWS and which allows you to remove and re-insert each plank in any point of the flooring without the need for specialized personnel: just the special key supplied and that's it. The EasyChange System makes the use of warning drills, spacers, screws, glues or traditional clips for assembly totally unnecessary. The special supports of the EasyChange patent eliminate any risk of error during installation, guarantee a considerable reduction in times and increase the overall stability of the finished work.

Duro2.0 Decking + EasyChange System

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