The ISOLCORE CZ panel uses vacuum technology. Vacuum panels are the best performing insulation materials compared to both nanotechnology and conventional products. Thanks to its lambda of 0.002 W/mK, the CZ vacuum panel is the best performing insulation in the world.

The CZ panel is particularly suitable in construction for the insulation of

- internal and external facades (behind counter walls - total package thickness from 3 -3.5 cm)

- terrace floors

- interior wall and ceiling insulation (behind counter-wall - pack thickness from 2.5 cm total)

They are also used in many other areas, from domestic refrigerators and freezers to refrigerated transport.

The main advantages are:

- fire reaction class A2

- high insulation performance (with values 20 times higher than traditional insulation panels)

- lower energy consumption

- reduced thickness

- lasting thermal performance 3 times higher than that of traditional insulation

- also applicable on buildings subject to landscape, historical and environmental restrictions, etc.

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