ISOTEX formwork Block of wood mineralized-cement. The ISOTEX block was created in Germany about 75 years ago and since 36 years has been present in Italy. Make use of ISOTEX products are obtained buildings, EARTUQUAKE RESISTANT, FIRE RESISTANT, SAVING ENERGY, THERMAL and ACOUSTIC ISOLATED AND ECO-SUSTAINABLE. The installation is very simple and fast while reducing installation costs. For their workability generate less scrap and therefore less waste on construction sites. 

All Isotex products (blocks and floor slabs in wood cement) use raw materials of absolute quality, including untreated coniferous wood, 99% pure Portland cement, iron oxide and water, to obtain a healthy product, free of chemicals and additives. Also our manufacturing plant is equipped with a photovoltaic system that reduces of 50% of our electricity needs. Since 2021, Isotex has introduced BASF's sustainable Neopor® BMB insulation in its blocks, derived from 100% renewable sources or Biomass. Less 42% of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

ISOTEX has obtained a LEED Credits, ITACA Protocol, ICEA Certification for eco-constructions, ANAB Certified Company (National association for Eco-constructions) and Quality Certification ISO 9001 and EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) for the entire range of products.

ISOTEX - HDIII 44/20 wood-concrete block with EPS in Neopor® BMB

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