The CORREA blocks ISOTEX eliminates the thermal bridge that could be created at the point where the slab interrupts the wall, keeping the same thickness of insulation ang giving continuity between the lower wall and the upper one. With this block there is a big saving in terms of manpower because it is no carpentry necessary to contain the concrete cast of the slab itself. The CORREA block is made in the factory according to floor height and other dimensions specified by the customer.

All Isotex products (blocks and floor slabs in wood cement) use raw materials of absolute quality, including untreated coniferous wood, 99% pure Portland cement, iron oxide and water, to obtain a healthy product, free of chemicals and additives. Also our manufacturing plant is equipped with a photovoltaic system that reduces of 50% of our electricity needs.

ISOTEX - CORREA block for isolation of the junction between wall and slab floor

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