The Isotex S25 floor has excellent fire resistance (REI 240) and allows the elimination of thermal and acoustic bridges. They are elements in mineralized wood and concrete, used for the construction of floors and horizontal structures. They allow, through a single installation operation, to solve problems related to thermal and acoustic insulation and fire resistance.

The floor panels are pre-assembled in the factory according to the design drawings. The wood-concrete floor elements are combined using reinforced joists and concrete and then adapted to the centimeter both in width and in length according to the project.

Normally they surmount the Isotex walls by 3 / 4cm, so as to give continuity to the support and eliminate acoustic and thermal bridges.

The S25 floor is used as an intermediate floor for spans up to 6.50 m.

It is equipped with CE marking according to EN 15037 obbligatory from 01-01-2011.

ISOTEX - Wood-concrete floor slab S25

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