The highly advanced Fanglass® Thermic Elite solution is the latest addition to Key Design product range, born from the evolution of Fanglass® Thermic glazing.

On this high-tech product, Key Design has no rivals in the market to date. Fanglass Thermic Elite is an advanced system which integrates a good part of the vertical profile inside the insulating glass,  during the sealing phase of the double glazing. The result is a double-glazed unit which, when the glass is closed, provides an optical effect of a single glazing without vertical interruptions, for a clean and minimal panoramic view. This technology and its accuracy in every detail make it an extremely exclusive and state of the art product.

 Fanglass® Thermic Elite is the latest evolution of the insulating glass achieved thanks to in-depth studies on the materials and the manufacturing process of both the glass and the profiles, to obtain a unique product, world-class excellence. This glass window also places its weight on the floor, proving to be a versatile solution suitable for any installation surface. The guiding tracks are the same as the Fanglass® Standard and Thermic ones, allowing you to switch from one solution to the other at relatively low costs.


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