Alika Flat is the new wrapping aluminium sunblind, patented by Kikau. It can be installed in the standard boxes for roller shutters. Alika Flat is the solution that combines design and functionability. Thanks to its anti-lifting system, in the complete closed position Alika Flat warranties an excellent barrier to burglary. It can be actuated by the common electric motors for roller shutters and with just a click the sunblind desappeares wrapping it self completly inside the box.

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In the middle position of closing the aluminium slats stay spaced each other of 25 mm; it is the right distance that allows to graduate the light, filtering the sun's rays and, on the same time, it allows an easy and fast cleaning simultaneously from the inside and outside part. In the complete closed position the aluminium slats hook each on the top of the other occluding completly the light passage, protecting the house from the bad weather and from any attempted to burglary. Alika Flat has a smooth and noiseless operating thanks to the use of a special anti-noise seal.

Alika Flat is available also in armoured version.
Thanks to the use of special additional accessories, in the fully closed position of the slats, the Alika Flat RC2 roller blind guarantees excellent resistance to burglary certified by IRCCOS in class 2.

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