After years of research and industrial application Metco Srl presents Nobacter05 to the world market, a system that for integrated chemical-physical effect stops the proliferation of colonies of microorganisms, raising the degree from bacteriostatic to bactericidal of the ceramic product. The bactericidal properties of Silver are caused by its ability to bind with the proteins that make up the cell membrane of the bacteria. The Silver, “bonding” with the membrane reduces its permeability to oxygen, thus preventing the beat from “breathing”, basically suffocating the bacteria. Nobacter05 compound colourless once sprayed (before the final firing on the tile) thanks to the interaction with the vitreous matrix develops permanent bactericidal active centers penetrating the ceramic material. Nobacter 05 is a metallic complex enriched with Silver that expresses its bactericidal performance at its best when placed in contact with the bacteria, which is why it is important that the active centers are on the surface. An excessively “glassy” surface could completely incorporate the Silver, preventing contact with the bacteria and making the treatment ineffective. The encounter of metal and ambient humidity causes an irreversible “fatal burn” on the beating cell that settles without any more vital energy. For this reason a lapped or polished surface will offer the maximum guarantee on bactericidal performance. Two of the most renowned Italian universities have produced lauds that demonstrate the elimination of the common bacteria Staphylococcus Aureus and Escherichia Coli (common causes of non-fatal but sometimes very serious diseases especially on the elderly and children): they are the University of Pavia (Department of Molecular Medicine Unit of Biochemistry A.Castellani) and the University of Bologna Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology, 

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