The Glass Line consists of adjustable louvre window systems for glass blades.

The Type 15 system (one of the most successful products by  s.r.l.) consists of a couple of vertical profiles (right + left) with metal blade holders and connecting gear in one of the two vertical profiles. The system allows the insertion of blades 152mm high and 5 or 6mm thick, made of glass or, alternatively, polycarbonate, aluminum or other material, as long as of the right dimensions. The blades can be manually operated (Standard handle), with drop rod (H13 handle with eyelet), or motorized (H2 handles). The systems are available in galvanized steel and Silver pre-coated, or in aluminum, which can be Raw, Anodized or coated with a choice of RAL colors.

The Type 10 system has the same features of the Type 15, but it can host glass blades 101mm high and 5 or 6mm thick. The Type 10 as well can be manually operated, with drop rod or with electric motor.

The Type 24 louvre system differs from the other two in the die-cast aluminum blade holders and the moving mechanism with external shaft of extruded aluminum. The glass blades of the T-24 model are 241mm high and between 8 and 10,8mm thick. This product is available coated in a range of RAL colors.

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