The primary purpose of sunbreaker systems is to screen glass surfaces, preventing direct sunrays from entering the living environment. The shadow thus created in front of the windows dramatically reduces the heating of the living spaces behind, blocking up to 80% of the sun heat and so reducing air conditioning needs up to 30%. At the same time, when the system is adjustable, it can optimize the internal brightness according to needs.

The elegant design of NACOTech sunbreaker systems can greatly improve and modernize the aesthetic and architectonic value of a building.

The sunbreaker systems can be installed in multiple configurations: with blades positioned horizontally, vertically or as a rooftop, but also as a porch or on an arbor. All the systems can be provided with fixed or adjustable blades. The latter can be operated manually or electrically, but also automatized.

Most of the sunbreaker systems are provided with elliptic shaped blade sections. This shape is ideal because the convex shape exposed to the sunrays will not generate reflexes, which could cause disturbances to nearby properties. Other profile shapes are available for the same sun shading purpose.

NACOTech is always ready to evaluate new solutions, to meet the needs and discuss the ideas of everyone involved in construction or renovating projects who wish to screen their buildings in a new and different way.

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