D-Smart 2.0 is a patented device, a "motorized smart lock" that allows the automatic opening and closing of the lock through various devices, forgetting the key! An electronic device to automate any European cylinder lock with knob-predisposition Ø8 mm

Control by free D-Smart 2.0 App for iOS and Android available for computers or tablets / smartphones that allows you to manage and program up to 150 users.

This device can be integrated into smart homes, home security systems based on home automation. 

D-smart 2.0 battery-powered or electric-powered to be applied on the inner side of the door, easy to install.

Automatic Lock function: automatic closing of all lock turns, closing the door. A sensor set on the door also detects whether the door is open or closed.

Bluetooth BT (5.0 BLE) technology with range ≤ 10 m depending on building conditions. 

Encryption: Advanced Encryption Standard AES-128.

No touch system function: by opening D-smart 2.0 with smartphone and digital reader you avoid touching handles and doors.

The key can be used in case of emergency due to low battery or power failure.

Ideal for:

At home 

• enter using your smartphone, when you are near the door

• thanks to the sensor installed on the door and the “Automatic Lock Function” you will always be sure that you have closed the door

In office 

• access for employees only at predefined times

• determines automatic locking times

In your B&B / tourist reception 

• Check-In and Check-Out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at any time of day or night in complete autonomy thanks to the off-line software D-Smart Guest Key or the online bridge on the cloud.

You can also indulge yourself and open it with many devices such as: wireless keyboard, wireless transponder reader, wireless fingerprint reader, smart bridge.



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