ASN is the new fire-fighting water mist nozzle designed by Tema sistemi to protect luxury environment (civil and historical buildings) from fire.

Thanks to Aquatech® technology, it quickly extinguishes fires by producing a very subtle and directable mist. 
The water micro-drops, pushed out by high pressure, have the triple action of cooling down, reducing oxygen and attenuating radiant heat. 

The “Smart Activation Technology" prevents the spread of flames thanks to a PLC system: once the first nozzle is activated, the surrounding nozzles automatically activates themselves to contain the fire.

It perfectly integrates itself into the design of the environments in which it is installed, guaranteeing no architectonic changes.


  • Immediate extinguishment and fire containment
  • Does not damage furnitures
  • Elegant and fully customizable nozzles
  • Completely ecological
  • Automatic activation 
  • Electrical activation 
  • Impossibility of accidental tampering and activations  
  • Easy mantenaince 
  • Remote Control
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