The new canopy in a single supporting profile of aluminium.

Minimalist design

The SIMPLY canopy is self-supporting and without visible anchors.
The cantilevered glass canopy is functional, puristic, durable and easy to install.
It can be equipped with an additional LED light strip in order to illuminate the entrance area.

Practical and safe

The canopy is made of one single supporting profile of anodized aluminum which can be quickly installed thanks to a single drilling line.
Its wedge-shaped profile, the pull-out protectors and the anti-tilt wedges guarantee safety and stability of the glass in all weather conditions.

Quick and easy installation

Quick and easy to install by using gasket, locking profiles and side caps.
The 'anti-extraction' mechanism requires the laminated glass to be drilled only on one pane in order to allow the insertion of the pull-out protectors that are essential to prevent the pane from slipping forward.


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