Alu Ranger VGroove 6321 Muratori Machines

What features does a CNC need to meet customers’ needs? Starting from these specific focus points, we designed and built a Vertical Worktable Machining Centre which has: o A vertical structure, designed to take up 60% less space, both as a single machine and as a work cell for panel loading-machining-unloading. o A powerful spindle, a series of diamond tool kits for abrasive cores, such as mineral cores, and top-quality component parts that ensure greater precision and speed. o Aggregates with vgroove blade or cutter, featuring patented extraction hood and cutting direction-controlled axis, whereby V cuts or mills can be made at high speed, compared to slot mills. o A unit suitable for performing difficult cutting operations on HPL and Fibre cement, making this machine extremely efficient. o The option of equipping the machine with the Alu Loader+Alu Feeder automatic loading and positioning system and the automatic Off Loader system for unloading CNC-worked panels. o CAD-CAM software, developed in conjunction with our technicians, software house and working with customers around the world, which automates the process of importing machining files. We are talking about the range of Alu Ranger Vertical Worktable Machining Centres, which includes three CNCs by Muratori Machines: Alu Ranger oneR, Alu Ranger oneR PRO and Alu Ranger VGroove. The three Alu Ranger units designed and manufactured with the same common denominators, are distinguished primarily by their degree of daily productivity and flexibility for machining different materials.

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