Istruzioni di Montaggio Biloba Duo _ Biloba Duo assembly instructions

Biloba Duo is the new set of hydraulic door-closer hinges for heavy doors by Colcom. Damper and extremely solid brake are the main features of this pair of hinges 150 kg capacity. Minimal and elegant design. FEATURES • Closing speed adjustment system • Upper adjustable braking system • Suitable for outer doors • Compatible with Biloba Unica glass notches • Max. weight 150 kg • Max. door width 1200 mm • Glass thickness from 8 to 19,5 mm • Minimal design with finishing covers • In case of accidental breakage, the upper hinge remains fastened to its support, preventing from falling BILOBA DUO is the new hydraulic external door system renewed in its lines, it guarantees the maximum safety and confirms the performance of Colcom's hydraulic hinges. Why BILOBA DUO? Because the two hinges, the top and the bottom ones, work in unison to ensure high functional performance and qualitative excellence. See the video and discover how is easy to install Biloba Duo!

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