Cement tiles from 1899

Romano Pavimenti dates to 1899, when Santo Romano (the founder) set up a small workshop in the centre of Catania to produce cement tiles.

Today the tradition of the “Mattonelle Dei Cento Anni” (Hundred Year Tiles), from father to son, has reached the fourth generation, maintaining the same passion and handcrafted quality but embodying a vision of the future that embraces experimentation and innovation to render cement tiles a modern choice.

Still made with natural raw materials, particularly volcanic basalt from Mount Etna that is the basis of all our products, tiles are still handmade and inspected one by one using the same techniques passed down through generations according to methods of over 100 years of age.

Timeless floors, matching any style of home and interior design. Timeless thanks to its high strength and durability.

They are called “Mattonelle dei Cento Anni” because we still make them the same way our great grandfather made them 100 years ago, and because we know they will last at least 100 years.

Every floor is made up of handmade tiles, produced by pouring the raw materials into the original, brass moulds from the period. The colour desired, in infinite combinations,patterns, borders, solid colours, terrazzo, cement paste, render every floor unique, as is the history of any living space. Just like an original work of art and above all incomparable.

Tailored to your taste thanks to the wide choice.
And thanks to 3D printing we can produce custom decorations designed by clients.

Try our simulator at: www.romanopavimenti.it

Our company cares for and respects the environment. All our production processes exploit solar energy 100%. Our production is environmentally sustainable as all our by-products are entirely recycled and re-used.

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